Ég býð mig fram/ I volunteer art festival- premiered 21st of February in Tjarnarbíó. Director and performer- Unnur Elísabet.

Xanadú- Premiered 4th of February in Háskólabíó.  Director and Choreographer.

Ég Dey- Premiered 10th of January in The city theatre. Choreographer.


Moulin Rouge Premiered 21th of April in Eldborg Harpan.

Spíralar Versala Premiered 8th of April in Norðurljósum Harpan.

Phantom of the Opera Premiered 17th of February in Eldborg Harpan.

Framleiðendurnir/The Producers Premiered 1st of February in Háskólabíó.



Fútlúsz- Choreographed the musical for Verslunarskóli Íslands.

Stefán Rís- Choreographed for a theatre show in Gaflaraleikhúsið.


Moulin Rouge- Choreographed the musical for Verslunarskóli Íslands. Premiered in february.


This Conversation is Missing a Point- A dance piece by Unnur Elísabet and Berglind Rafns. Premiered 28th of October in Tjarnarbíó.

Music: Þorsteinn Eyfjörð

Light design:  Arnar Ingvarsson

Producer: Hallfríður Þóra Tryggvadóttir


 The dance piece is a artistic and comical take on people's difficulties with expressing themselves. The route of the story is from Berglind and Unnur's life. They have one thing in common. They have had difficulties in their life with expressing themselves with words. That is why dance has become their passion in life. In this piece they combine their comical stories and passion by showing their heart and battle in detailed and interesting choregraphy. They ask questions: „should I say this” or “should I do this?". Their answers are missing a point and the show is in jibberish.

The choreographers and dancers, Berglind and Unnur, where eager to create this piece to show their dramatic moments in life in a comical way without taking away the artistic point of view. With the piece they show how humour can be expressed through dance.


A review by York Underwood for Reykjavík Grapevine:

"The show is dance comedy, with aspects of clowning. When it starts, you don’t understand how the show can possibly work, but within a few minutes the crowd is laughing along with the gibberish. I will confess: I love dance. This is the most accessible dance performance that I’ve ever seen. It never dips in energy and doesn’t overstay its welcome. It’s a really good show. Take a date, a friend or go on your own. You’ll be in a good mood for the rest of the night."



VIVID-  A dance piece by Unnur Elísabet, premiered the 28th of December in the National theatre of Iceland. Vivid is about daring to be different. Allowing yourself to experience new things in life, jumping out of the box and to dare to live.

Music: Viktor Orri Árnason. Costumes and set: Raluca Grada Emandi. Motion Graphics: Oliviu LG-Ghenciu. Producer: Gunnar Hansson. Lights: Jóhann Friðrik Ágústsson.


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View trailer from rehearsals.


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Spellbound (Undir álögum)a dance piece by Unnur Elísabet. Dancers: Sigríður Ólöf Valdimarsdóttir and Unnur Elísabet. It was shown in Hafnarfjarðarleikhúsið 27. of november.

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Undraland (Wonderland)- a dance piece by Unnur Elísabet with Undúla dance company, which is a youth company Unnur founded 2012. Premiered in Hafnarfjarðarleikhúsið 26.of august as a off venue in Reykjavík Dancefestival. The piece is 45 min.

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Ótta- a dance-piece by Unnur Elísabet, Hjördís Lilja and Ásgeir Helgi for the Icelandic Dance Company

The piece was also performed in Malmö at Skånes dance theatre. The piece is 35 min

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Heimsóknatími (Visiting hours)- By Unnur Elísabet with the Undúla dance company, shown in Hafnarfjarðarleikhúsið. The piece is 40 min

Hringrás (Cycle)- also for The Undúla Dance Company. The piece is 35 min

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Mið-Ísland- choreographed a sceen for this comedy series.



Dans dans dans- choreographed and performed a duett with Emilia Benedikta Gísladóttir for a tv competition.

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has worked as a ballet-, modern-, jazz- and composition teacher at Listdansskóli Íslands. Has also choreographed many pieces for the students and graduation students.  Has also given many yoga and dance seminars.



choreographed and performed a solo piece for the Polar Music Prize ceremony in Stockholm, when Keith Jarret received the price.