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2019-2020 Institute of Arts Barcelona/IAB
MA in Drama with a focus on directing and creative writing.

1999-2003 The Royal Swedish Ballet School
Graduated with the highest grade in 2003 from the classical and modern dance course.


2022 Creative writing, three courses with Sunna Dís Másdóttir.
2020 Workshop with Kristján Ingimars and company in Denmark.
2017 Movement directing / Teaching lab. Austria.
2016 Haraldurin 1.
2010-2011 Kundalini yoga - Certified teacher.
2009-2010 Hatha yoga-Certified teacher.

2009 Complete vocal technique.

Unnur Elísabet works as a director, choreographer, performance creator and performer. She has worked in a number of projects with the Icelandic Dance Company, Leikfélag Reykjavíkur, RÚV, Stöð 2 and independently since she graduated in 2003. These include: Ég býð mig fram (series 1-4), This conversation is missing a point, Vivid, Mamma Mia, Billy Elliot, Walking mad, Fear, Minus 16, Screensaver and Mary Poppins.

Most recent projects:

2023 The Icelandic Idol, Performance creator and a performance coach

2022 I volunteer 4, Director, author and actor.
2022 RÚV Song Contest (Eurovision), Director and choreographer.
2021 Them, Spindrift Theatre, Director and Choreographer.
2020 I volunteer 3, Director, author and actor.
2020 Veisla, City Theatre, Choreographer.
2019 I volunteer 2, Director and actor.
2019 Xanadu, Nemó,  Director and choreographer.
2018 The Producers, Nemó, Assistant director and choreographer.

2018 Moulin Rouge, Harpa, Choreographer.
2018 Phantom of the Opera, Harpa, Choreographer.
2017 I volunteer 1, Director and actor.

Music Videos:

2022 New world, I volunteer, Director and performer, premiered 21 Oct. 

2022 Confession, Thin Jim and the Castaways, Director, premiere July 1. 

2020 Between the Hours, Director and performer, premiered Oct. 2.
2018 Doesn´t really matter, Munstur, Choreographer, premiered March 2.
2018 Stone by stone, Arnór Dan, Choreographer and dancer, premiered on 2018 This is it, Eva Björk, Director and choreographer, premiered Oct. 5.

Awards and nominations

2021 Nomination for Veisla, Best stage moves.
2019 Main prize at the RVK Fringe Festival - Best show ÉG BÝD MIG FRAM.
2018 Nomination as Sproti Ársins for I PRESENT.
2013 Nomination as Choreographer of the Year for the work ÓTTA with the Icelandic Dance Group.
2003 Second place as the Best Dancer in Sweden in the Swedish Television Competition TV-Tavlingen.

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